WARNING: Regarding Stock Photos by Vitaly Sokol, AKA Willyam Bradberry

Warning! To all my author and designer friends, DO NOT purchase stock photos from Vitaly Sokol, AKA Willyam Bradberry on Shutterstock! He is totally trashing the reputation of a VERY reputable artist, being rude and unprofessional, and threatening to sue over a COMPLETELY LEGAL use of his image.


Just a warning. Avoid his stuff like the plague unless you want to get into a lot of potential trouble for no reason whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Regarding Stock Photos by Vitaly Sokol, AKA Willyam Bradberry

  1. Tara says:

    It isn’t my use, it was an artist I know. She spent time in the hospital because of anxiety over this, he is contacting her clients and telling lies about her, trying to ruin her reputation, and she has to spend time and money defending herself against this.

    He didn’t just contact her and ask her to resolve the issue. He made it public, tried to trash her reputation, and treated her horribly. He was rude and unprofessional. And he is costing her a lot more than just a little frustration.

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